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Let's get one thing straight, I hate blogs. The Internet is full of ineducated morons who think that because they've got a blog, they're suddenly an authority on all aspects of human life. Blogs are for arrogant people who think their opinions are so important, that the world needs to listen to them.

This situation is only aggravated by the proliference on message boards, attached to just about every online news site. When was the last time you looked at the letters page of a newspaper and found all the letters were just two lines of completely unpunctuated text with no structure and appalling spelling? And even these traditional forms of media are getting worse... "Text us your views now" -- I'd love to know how one can put across a coherent viewpoint on a current issue in 160 characters or less.

So, why do I have a blog then? Well, to be honest, I'm arrogant enough to think my opinions are important. Not to everyone in the world, but maybe some people are interested in what I've got to say. Unlike those news site comment boards, I endeavour to keep my posts grammatically correct (And I know I'm not perfect, but I like to think my posts are readable), and if you don't like what I've got to say, you don't have to stick around and read it.

So, welcome to my blog, I expect it will be full of rants about computing, and probably the world at large. I'm sure my political views will shine through within a few postings, and I reckon some of it will be uninformed or inaccurate, or just plain waffle. Anyway, thanks for tuning in and please enjoy the show!


text us your views!

I'm ironically leaving a comment!

Re: text us your views!

I'm glad someone spotted the irony of me leaving comments enabled :-)


Now reply to my game music quiz thang, damnit.


Re: Right.

Yeah-Yeah and with those internets you are using you can do us quite terrible injuries.
Ah, you should meet my friend andy
*waves* :)

March 2007

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